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Our Great Team Leader DG Kenneth

Hi, amigo do Brasil!  Our great team leader Kenneth becomes the District Governor (2012-13) of District 3450 officially today.  We proudly present the photos for your viewing.

What is Joe busy for?

Here is our surprise for Kenneth!

What are the "Good Things" ?  Of course, it is the installation of DG Kenneth.

Before our action 1

Before our action 2

Installation ceremony

It comes to be official now!

Speech by DG Kenneth

Surprise on stage!

Surprise on stage!

Lovely DG family


GSE team 2010

New DG Kenneth shows his badge


Brazil in the "Eyes" of Blind

The second anniversary of our GSE trip is just passed.  In the busy city of Hong Kong, the team has not meet for a while.  However, a special and meaning occasion made us back to Brazil! 

Rotary Foundation Alumni Association (RFAA) has organized a service day at Morning Glory Hostel of The Hong Kong Society for the Blind on 2 June 2012.  Joe, as the Chairman of RFAA, and I joined a team of around 20 RFAA alumni and a group of Design School students to visit the blinds.  The theme of the service day is "Brazilian Charm".  

The service target of the Hostel is mainly visually impaired and mentally retarded clients.  They welcomed us by a group of talented visually impaired musician.  They sang songs and performed magic to us.  We shared some basic information of Brazil to them.  They were amazed when they knew that it took 25 hours to fly to Brazil.  The students has prepared some cards for them and we finished making the cards together.  Joe shared some coffee beans from Brazil with them.  They are excited to smell the scent of coffee bean and curious on the sound produced by the grinding of coffee bean.   We also served some crackers with honey from Brazil with them.  At the end of the day, we danced with the music from Brazil and the whole group were delighted to say a simple phrase "Ola, como voce" as a finale. 

With the smell, taste, music and dance, our service target know more about Brazil now.  This is a meaningful celebration of our anniversary. 

 Joe shared information about Brazil with the group.
 Crackers with Brazilian honey, yummy.
 Pauline, Annie (wife of Joe) and Joe prepared the honey crackers.
 Card decorated with coffee bean.
Cards and dragon boat deco.
 Pauline performed a magic with the aid of a visually impaired clown.  


New Year Gathering 2012

We, four, have a mini-gathering at DG Cafe (!) at Heritage 1881 on 4 Jan. We shared our news and of course, never-outdated stories from our GSE experience. It is sad to know that GSE program by Rotary Foundation will soon be a legend.

PDG Roberto Barroso of D4420 visited Hong Kong

It is our honour to have PDG Roberto Barroso of D4420 visited Hong Kong on the New Year Eve of 2011. He came with his family. PDG Ada Cheng and our team leader Kenneth Wong met him on New Year Day.

Return to Hong Kong

Our dearest friend, Dacio, team leader of GSE2010 from District 4420, came to Hong Kong and Macao in late November 2011. Old friends met and had a great reunion again.


GSE Experience never ends

GSE friendship never ends. It is a miracle start with GSE2011 team from Maine. Tracey was the travel buddy of mine when the team went to Shenzhen. In Jun, I went to a 2-month summer study at the States and got the invitation from Tracey to visit her.

Tracey became my host in South Portland. We went to many different places, including Arcadia, White Mountains..... Maria, another GSE2011 team member joined us and we have spent a lot of fun time there.

Maria brought me to Peaks Island and spent a day in kayaking in the sea.

We have a great barbaque dinner at Tracey's yard.

I have also attended a dinner meeting of Tracey's Rotary Club and became a guest photographer for the inauguration ceremony of the new committee.

Thanks for Tracey, Maria and all rotarians in Tracey's club (Breakwater Daybreak South Portland-Cape Elizabeth).

- Pauline Jul 2011


1st Anniversary of Sun Amigo

Hi, friends..... Time flies. Do you remember what's happened in 356 days ago? We would never forget the happiest time when we were in Brasil. The heartfelt hospitality made Brasil our second home. We were in Lydoia at this moment last year. A place filled up with laugh and cheers. We enjoyed every moment with friends we made for just a few moments but felt like we met for years.

In this one year, it seems there is not much changes in our appearance, but the fruitful experience make our life changed already. Kenneth is busy to have his DG "trainings", Joe changed his job and now working for business development in HK, Yolanda is as busy as she was and traveled a lot for business, Pauline is still teaching but will have a challenging study at the States this summer.

In this moment, let's share our most recent photos with our friends from all around the world and wish you all enjoy every moment in your life.


Shen Zhen Day Trip with GSE2011 Portland, USA

A day trip with inbound GSE from Portland, Maine, USA. The team include Karen, Maria, Tracey, Erin and Darren which is lead by Burt.

We have visited the Splendid China, Folk Village of China, SiChuan Cuisine Lunch, ShenZhen Museum, Book City, Shanghai Cuisine Dinner and ended with foot massage.

Shen Zhen MTR

Happy rabbits in Year of Rabbit.

Book City


GSE2011 Welcome Dinner for Portland Team

Time flies. It's like yesterday but it's a year since we met the Brazil Team.
New teams, host families and guests of Welcome Dinner.
Joe gave a warm welcome to the Rotary Foundation Alumni-to-be(s).
Kenneth is the GSE Chair 2011.